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About Us

Why choose us for your adventure vacation, healing retreat, spa experience?

We can provide you:

       VALUE - Nowhere else do we know where you can receive the quality of care, attention, and service at such affordable prices.

       VARIETY - We offer a large selection of activities and services to meet your expectations of a life-enhancing experience.  We will work with you in helping develop the itinerary that best suits your individual needs.

       PERSONALIZED ATTENTION - We accept a maximum of only six individuals at one time.  This affords extensive personalized attention and focused care for each participant, assuring a quality experience.

       OPPORTUNITY - You have unlimited access to the host - Dr. Jenkins - and his healing expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you the most ultimate and unique life- enhancing experience you could ever imagine.

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE and our goal is to assist you in finding the greatest amount of joy and happiness as you travel along the daily paths of life's journey.  By providing fun and exciting activities, a majestic natural environment, principal centered strategies, opportunities for peaceful and serene solitude, and natural healing therapies, we will:

       Share in the fun and exhilaration of living life to the fullest.

       Create space for you to relax and have time for inner renewal.

       Awaken your creativity and imagination to unleash infinite possibilities for self-discovery and self-expression.

       Inspire you to rediscover your inherent appreciation for life's miracles, wonders, and simple pleasures.

       Encourage you to fully engage and immerse yourself in the quest for peak health in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

       Support you in recognizing and reaffirming your life's purpose, mission, and realization of your dreams.

About the Founder, Director and
Your Host of Hike To Health

Dr. Vernon T. Jenkins

          "As the Hike to Health host, I am available to participants the entire time they are here - not just fifteen minutes here and there.  This availability reflects my commitment to make positive changes in the lives of Hike to Health participants."

          Dr. Vernon T. Jenkins graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in August, 1988, and holds licenses to practice in the states of Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and Missouri.  He is certified to practice acupuncture, acupressure, and meridian therapy, and has been working in the oriental healing arts since 1981.  In 1991, after ten years of studying and practicing yoga, tai chi, and chi kung, Dr. Jenkins received permission from his martial arts instructor to teach tai chi and chi kung to the public.  Since 1973, Dr. Jenkins has been applying nutritional approaches to health and wellness, and has received advanced training in clinical nutrition from Dr. Fred Madsen, Ph.D.; Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.; and Dr. Mark Percival, D.C., N.D.  Dr. Jenkins has conducted workshops, classes and seminars nationally for the general public as well as for doctors and other health care professionals.

          Before pursuing a career in the health professions, Dr. Jenkins worked as a field naturalist researcher for S.I.U. Forestry Dept. and as an interpretive field naturalist for the Illinois Dept. of Conservation.  As a young boy involved in scouting, he developed a love for nature and outdoor recreation.  He is currently a member of Montana's Park County Search and Rescue Team, and has been certified in Rescue 3 Swift Water Rescue Training.

          By combining his love for the out-of-doors and his desire to help people with health, Dr. Jenkins developed Hike to Health - an adventure vacation, spa, and health retreat.



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