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Mountain Wilderness Hikes and Walks


Come and enjoy the splendor and majesty of our Rocky Mountain wilderness hikes and walks in one of our most spectacular national parks: Yellowstone.  Whether you are a gentle walker or a mountain trailblazer or something in-between, we offer hikes geared to your personal fitness level.  Easy short 1 or 2 mile hikes, intermediate 5 to 6 mile hikes, and longer 10 to 15 mile hikes.   Most of our trips are based out of Yellowstone.  We feel that Yellowstone offers one of the world's most unique and spectacular natural settings.  You definitely want to bring your cameras for the geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and wildlife.  

                                 No charge for our Hiking Services.



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For reservations or more information, call us at (406) 855-3837

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