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Exercise Instruction for Mind, Body, and Spirit


Tai Chi Chuan:  Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise consisting of slow, relaxed movements for total self-development.  For the body, it is an exercise; for the mind, it is a study in concentration, willpower, and visualization; and for the spirit, it is a system of spiritual meditation.  It is a combination of the preventative and curative branches of Chinese medicine and a system of martial arts.  Our focus is on the health and healing aspects of Tai Chi.

                                 Cost:  $120.00 for 1 hour Instruction plus Video





Chi Kung:  Another ancient Chinese exercise that works with the Chi, the electromagnetic life force, within the body.   It uses still and moving meditation to increase and regulate the flow of Chi energy.  It not only maintains your health and mental balance, but can also cure a number of illnesses.  Tai Chi is a moving form of Chi Kung.  Our focus will be more on the still forms which are much easier to learn and do not require a lot of space to practice.

                                 Cost:  $120.00 for 1 hour Instruction




Yoga:  This system of postures balances the body and increases strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular levels, while breathing awareness exercises promote stamina and focus.  Yoga develops pranic energy which is the twin to Chi energy.

                                 Cost:  $120.00 for 1 hour Instruction plus Video  




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