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Nutritional Consultation and Assessment


We offer a computerized Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) which accurately determines your body's nutritionally weak and strong systems and how they are being challenged nutritionally.   This is a must prior to any vitamin or mineral counseling to ensure you are not wasting money on nutritional supplements you do not need.  Dr. Jenkins has over 30 years experience in nutrition, and has counseled thousands of patients on nutrition and its impact on lifestyles.  He has had advanced clinical nutrition training and has studied under Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.; Dr. Mark Percival, D.C., N.D.; and Dr. Fred Madsen, Ph.D.

                                 Cost:  $120.00 per hour Consultation & HAQ.  



Weight Management:  We offer a common sense and a practical principle-centered approach to weight management.  Our system allows people to lose 1 to 1 pounds of fat per week which is a safe and healthy amount.  No more yo-yo dieting.  A clear and concise consultation on a system that works.

                                 Cost:  $120.00 per hour.  



Detoxification:  Toxicity presents a threat to the vibrant level of health we want to enjoy.  Toxicity comes from external as well as internal sources.  The importance of supporting your body's efforts to eliminate accumulated toxins cannot be overstated.  It is clear from research that water and juice fasting is less complete and no longer the method of choice in a detoxification program.

                                 Cost:  $120.00 per hour plus $90.00 for 2 recommended Videos.  



Vitality and Longevity Assessment and Consultation:  We offer a vitality and longevity assessment which has been used by NASA and other major institutions to determine how nutritionally healthy your cells are, how healthy your immune system is, your body composition, and if you are aging faster than normal as to whether you are in a catabolic or anabolic state of health.

                                 Cost:  $200.00 for Test & 30 minute Consultation.  



Healthy Cooking Classes:  Using the information and recipes from "Guilt-Free Indulgence: An Art Worth Mastering," you have the option of learning how to prepare healthy meals with our food service staff.

                                 No Charge.




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